Privacy Awareness Workshop @zeal

January 28 is International Data Privacy Day! And this month is declared as privacy month!

We all decided to celebrate this on 30th of January 2016 in our college by encouraging users by updating their software’s and hosting a Privacy awareness workshop for the students.Agenda for this event is simply making students and staff aware about the rich Privacy Features of Firefox desktop and Mobile.

Event Speakers : Ankit Gadgil, Diwanshi Pandey

Event Organizers : Prathamesh chavhan, Nishigandha Yadav, Dhanesh Sabane & ZFC team.

2016-01-30 18.12.21

After the arrangements done Diwanshi pandey started giving introduction about the campaign and why mozillian took this initiative. She gave a short intro on it and the session is getting interested.

2016-01-29 19.57.46

This was fallowed by Ankit Gadgil he demonstrate practically by showing what actually happening over the internet what are the threats the attacks like MITM and how we can protect our self from tracking using some addons like lightbeam and manymore.

2016-01-29 19.57.15


with many active and collaborative way both speakers completed their tasks.It was an grate event and we where enjoyed it allot.

we took the selfies after the session with a traditional foxy pose :p

2016-01-30 18.58.57

This one is lilbit weird đŸ˜€

2016-01-30 19.00.36

And finally got some awesome stickers from Ankit Gadgil.

2016-01-29 20.11.29

I would like to thank Ankit Gadgil, Diwanshi Pandey and Prathamesh  chavhan for making it successful and also I would like to thank our zfc team.

For more details about such kind of events stay connected with our fb page :)..


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