Un. Dos.. Tres… Mozilla!!

Event details:

  • Name : Un. Dos.. Tres… Mozilla!
  • Agenda :
    Complete FSA Guide and Firefox Friends
  • Day and Date :
    Saturday, 25th July 2015
  • Venue :
    Computer Department, ZES’s Zeal College of Engineering and Research, Narhe, Pune
  • Speakers :
    Nishigandha Yadav, Dhanesh sabane

The name Un Dos Tres For the Spanish series “Un paso adelante” named “Un dos tres” in France and in English One, two, three… so its time to introduce more about this FSA program. the very first step is to complete FSA guide. I decided to take session on FSA guide and Firefox Friends. Many of the registered members are there for this session. I introduced about Mozilla and FSA Program and started describing steps from FSA guide.


It was followed by Dhanesh he introduced about Firefox Friends program and how to register then we did registrations on Mozillians and Firefox Friends and we ended this session with a positive feedback!



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