FSA First Official Meetup@Zeal Firefox Club

And here we started planning,

After selection of awesome FSA’s for committee we started planning of events!

We are passionate about Mozilla’s mission so our first aim is..get to know about Mozilla and why only Mozilla!


Yesterday we conducted our FSA First Official Meetup(start time 11:30am and end time 2pm, date 28/05/2015), we discussed some points about Mozilla’s mission. And then started planning of first event with committee members. We discussed some points regarding Mozilla’s products. I introduced committee members briefly about Mozilla’s mission, shared some presentations with them. Then we discussed some introductory part about Firefox OS and distributed tasks amongst committee members according to their positions. Then we discussed about the inauguration of our club and discussed about club goals and different task force any one can be part of.

These taskforce are:

  • Content
  • Technical
  • Creative
  • Management
  • Campaigning

Focused points about Firefox OS:

  • Firefox OS-Introduction
  • About OS
  • OS architecture
  • Advantages
  • Developing apps
  • And many more..

We planned our first event related to Mozilla tools which will include Webmaker tools and introduction about Firefox OS. We will display the inauguration date as soon as possible mostly at the end of June 2015 and we are planning to host first event in the first week of July.

After a long discussion of about nearly 2-3 hrs, finally, we ended up this interactive meetup by encouraging our committee members and started working for respective tasks!


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