Privacy Awareness Workshop @zeal

January 28 is International Data Privacy Day! And this month is declared as privacy month!

We all decided to celebrate this on 30th of January 2016 in our college by encouraging users by updating their software’s and hosting a Privacy awareness workshop for the students.Agenda for this event is simply making students and staff aware about the rich Privacy Features of Firefox desktop and Mobile.

Event Speakers : Ankit Gadgil, Diwanshi Pandey

Event Organizers : Prathamesh chavhan, Nishigandha Yadav, Dhanesh Sabane & ZFC team.

2016-01-30 18.12.21

After the arrangements done Diwanshi pandey started giving introduction about the campaign and why mozillian took this initiative. She gave a short intro on it and the session is getting interested.

2016-01-29 19.57.46

This was fallowed by Ankit Gadgil he demonstrate practically by showing what actually happening over the internet what are the threats the attacks like MITM and how we can protect our self from tracking using some addons like lightbeam and manymore.

2016-01-29 19.57.15


with many active and collaborative way both speakers completed their tasks.It was an grate event and we where enjoyed it allot.

we took the selfies after the session with a traditional foxy pose :p

2016-01-30 18.58.57

This one is lilbit weird 😀

2016-01-30 19.00.36

And finally got some awesome stickers from Ankit Gadgil.

2016-01-29 20.11.29

I would like to thank Ankit Gadgil, Diwanshi Pandey and Prathamesh  chavhan for making it successful and also I would like to thank our zfc team.

For more details about such kind of events stay connected with our fb page :)..

Firefox for Windows 10: Campaign challenge


On 15t September we organized a Firefox for Windows 10 event basically its a campaign challenge at ZES’s ZCOER Pune. We did this campaign on Engineers day 2015. The main goal of this campaign is Retaining Firefox Users on Windows 10 and To Show users that Firefox is the right browser for Windows 10.also giving preference to Choice, Privacy and Quality To Educate our users about how they can maintain their choices and preferences before and after their upgrade experience. 🙂

Event Agenda:

-Introduction to Open Source

-What is Mozilla and its Mission

-Why Firefox

-Install Firefox for Windows 10

-Set Mozilla Firefox as Default browser

-short intro on Firefox for android

-Tweet the Firefox Browser in Windows Screenshot and hashtag with #Windows10  #FirefoxForWindows10  #ZFC or upload a screenshot on Facebook with hash tag #Windows10 #FirefoxForWindows10 #ZFC

we placed booth at the middle of our college campus so maximum students can visit this booth.


we did announcements in computer and IT departments that we are keeping this booth for registration purpose and we’ll show you how to make Firefox default on your windows machine we got 50+ registrations for this campaign challenge and they downloaded Firefox on their personal computers.

 I have Received some  screenshots from students :

screenshots from Omkar Patil  and Shubham Deshmukh 😛


Screenshot_2015-09-20-16-04-00                    20150920095656


explaining Firefox features and why its better than any other browser :).


Then we had meetup with Sumedh bhalerao, he shared he’s thoughts and knowledge… thank you sumedh!!


after completion of task I decided to distribute swag among participants and coordinators on Monday that is on 21st September in college break.

Swags for those

-Who installed Firefox Browser and Set as Default.

And extra Swags for those

-Who tweets or uploads screenshot on Facebook with hashtag #Windows10 #FirefoxForWindows10 #ZFC.

Here I published my slides on slideshare. It will help you to Restore or Choose Firefox as Your Default Browser on your windows machine.

Monday 21/09/2015 : it’s time to reward winner 🙂


Introduced about Firefox and Mozilla and why Firefox and windows 10 are better and perfect together.


gave swag to our winner Sachin dhamal for he’s good performance and also he shared screenshot with hashtag on Facebook.


A big round of applause to Sachine Dhamal 😛 🙂


At last gave some stickers to our HOD and he said he proud that we are representing computer department by doing such a good things and he thanked Mozilla for their support for such events :).


In this way we had grate campaign and we learned and enjoyed a lot .Thanks to all coordinators for their support.

thanks to Mozilla and our team 🙂 you guys are awesome!

#FirefoxFriends : Add a friend today and share your mozilla love! :D

Today is special day, guess what august 2nd, Sunday we celebrate Friendship day in India! 🙂


Human beings are social creatures and have always valued the importance of friends in their lives.Firefox made a platform to being more social and share things with your friends more easily. FirefoxFriends, it’s a socialchorus platform to share thoughts and new things about Firefox with your friends 🙂 such an awesome platform!

This Friendship day start sharing Firefox love via FirefoxFreinds 🙂 You will be Recognized just like me.


Inaguration is on Fire!

11737869_947942835227723_4279858185680381904_nThe inauguration of ‘Zeal Firefox Club’ which was being planned for almost over a month was scheduled to be held on 10th July 2015. All the coordinators started working in full swing to make the event a huge success. We invited the Heads of all departments with a personalized printed invitation. The Executive Director, the Principle and the Head of Computer Department were presented with hand made invitations of the event.All the volunteers and coordinators gathered in the college early in the morning to complete the final preparations. I was half and hour late because day before that event, at night I was busy in some event stuff.

50% arrangement was done but The lab dedicated to the club – ZFC Lab – still needed some decoration. Beautiful rangoli was drawn at the entrance of the lab with the club logo. The entrance was decorated with mesh and the ribbon for the inauguration was placed.


The clock struck eleven and the dignitaries and the guests arrived. Our speakers for the event were Siddhartha Rao, Sumedh Bhalerao and Shagufta Methwani. The event began with the inauguration of ZFC Lab. Zeal Education Society’s Executive Director Mr. Jayesh Katkar sir, the Principal Dr. A. N. Gaikwad sir and the Head of Computer Department Prof. S. M. Sangve sir, accompanied by the guests, were present for the same and Shagufta Methwani performed the honors.

Then I gave a small introduction about the club to all the dignitaries and addressed to their queries about the functioning of the club and it’s objectives.




Now, it was time to get to the next important part of the event. All the dignitaries and guests were escorted to the Seminar Hall which was packed with students from the Computer Department. The event began with the lightning of the traditional diya followed by a formal welcome of all the dignitaries.

The guests were welcomed by the Principal of ZES’s ZCOER Dr. A. N. Gaikwad sir. then I took the reins and gave a detailed introduction about Mozilla, it’s missions, the Firefox Student Ambassador program and the Club objectives.

my slideson slideshare

DSC_0083 (2)

This was followed by inspirational speeches from Zeal Education Society’s Executive Director Mr. Jayesh Katkar sir and the Principal of ZCOER Dr. A. N. Gaikwad sir.

It was now time to make the attendees aware about their privacy and security on the Web. Sumedh Bhalerao and Siddharth Rao were the first of the guests to interact with the students. They introduced themselves to the attendees and then moved on to prove how Firefox protects your privacy on the Web. They introduced to the students a Firefox addon – Lightbeam – which shows detailed information about all the trackers that keep a check on your activity on the Web. They apprised the attendees about the Mozilla Missions and the Mozilla Projects. The session ended with an introduction to Mozilla Stumbler.Mozilla Stumbler is an open-source wireless network scanner that collects GPS data for the Mozilla Location Service. Mozilla Location Service is open, crowdsourced geolocation service based on publicly observable cell sites and Wi-Fi access points. Next, it was Shagufta Methwani’s turn, She gave a short introduction about Webmaker and some Webmaker tools.

It was past 01:30 pm and it was time to wrap up the event. We thanked everyone for being patient listeners throughout the event and encouraged the students to present any type of questions/queries. A registration drive was conducted in the ZFC Lab and we were able to register a total of 65 students.



The students registered themselves as Firefox Student Ambassadors and also as members of the club. A feedback page was put up outside the seminar hall so that the students can express their thoughts about the club and the event. Have a look:







———–Our Zealous Crowd :)————


I would like to thanks all the dignitaries of Zeal Education Society for supporting the club and providing all the necessary resources. and also I would like to thanks speakers and all the coordinators for their huge support.

Thank you guys …


Un. Dos.. Tres… Mozilla!!

Event details:

  • Name : Un. Dos.. Tres… Mozilla!
  • Agenda :
    Complete FSA Guide and Firefox Friends
  • Day and Date :
    Saturday, 25th July 2015
  • Venue :
    Computer Department, ZES’s Zeal College of Engineering and Research, Narhe, Pune
  • Speakers :
    Nishigandha Yadav, Dhanesh sabane

The name Un Dos Tres For the Spanish series “Un paso adelante” named “Un dos tres” in France and in English One, two, three… so its time to introduce more about this FSA program. the very first step is to complete FSA guide. I decided to take session on FSA guide and Firefox Friends. Many of the registered members are there for this session. I introduced about Mozilla and FSA Program and started describing steps from FSA guide.


It was followed by Dhanesh he introduced about Firefox Friends program and how to register then we did registrations on Mozillians and Firefox Friends and we ended this session with a positive feedback!


FoxYeah Campaign



#June campaign#

This Campaign is all about to create memes, photos, graphics, or videos inspiring people to download Firefox. And tell people all the time about how awesome Firefox is. and share it with hashtag #FoxYeah

My FoxYeah Meme 😀





mwple (2)

Had Awesome Campaign And People impressed with these memes and I got Many Likes on social networking sites  🙂



When day starts with some creation :)

Day -Monday July 20 2015,

To make some fun and discussion of inauguration purpose,I decided to conduct a small FSA meetup before moving on event and then I decided to do posters and flex design for the inauguration ceremony. Some of our committee members are there for this creation ,we planned to do handmade posters, for that we drew 2 logos of Firefox,1 of Firefox OS and another one for MDN and air Mozilla .We used color pencils and crayons for it.. 😀

See what I made 😀


our handmade crafts :



Then we discussed about the inauguration of the club ,From This meetup it seems like our club coordinators are very creative!!

Then we planned how to arrange these crafts in lab, we started doing this at 11am and ended up at 2.30pm by clicking selfies with our posters! :p


Love Mozilla! ❤